Create cookie banner using javascript

In this post we will see some of the super fast ways to build cookie banner, which basically a way to ensure you’re (and your website) complying with the EU cookie law.

We will see an example of simple javascript library called Cookie Banner which needs just a javascript single line code to create a cookie banner.

The Javascript is available at CDN, so just need to call that. The following single line will create a cookie banner on your page, and off-course you can change parameters to tweak it, let’s say to change its position you can use either top or bottom as its attributes.


For more parameters, check its github url:

Another simple method is using wizard at CookieConsent.

This site provides online wizard, where you just need to select certain configurations, and include javascript and css which are again available at CDN.

Example Code:

Above code will create a nice cookie banner on your page.


— Create cookie banner using javascript —

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